Thereturnon anassetfund, or otherinvestmentexpressed in dollar or percentage terms. That is, the absolute return is the return relative to the investment itself. For example, if onein astockfor $1000 andsellsthem for $1500, one may say that one has an absolute return of $500 or 50%. There is little analysis of the absolute return beyond that. Most of the time, the absolute return is less helpful toinvestorsthan therelative return, which compares the return on an investment relative to other, similar investments or to themarketas a whole. See also:Absolute Return Fund.

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Also, the funds invest in a combination of funds and securities, including

Putnam Retirement Income Fund Lifestyle 1- Class A Shares declare USD0.0050 per share investment income

Global Banking News-September 8, 2017–Santander Asset Management hires

Santander Asset Management hires absolute return analyst

BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-April 6, 2017-Hathersage gets Global Macro Award from

Hathersage gets Global Macro Award from Absolute Return

funds aim to provide positive investment performance in all market conditions.

Manager skill at heart of absolute return funds

Prudential Investments has expanded its lineup of non-traditional bond funds with the launch of the Prudential Global

United States : Prudential Investments launches Global Absolute Return Bond Fund

It holds an equal mix of four funds with complementary risk-return profiles: Fulcrum Diversified Core

, the Jupiter Strategic Reserve, Newton Global Dynamic Bond, and Kames UK Equity

When it comes to currency funds, however, and specifically

currency funds, a little id goes a long way, at least according to Axel Merk (left).

Currency Manager Merk Finds Success With CyActively Managed Quant Fund

CitiFX Access is partnering with BarclayHedge, Parker Global Strategies,

Strategies and Quaesta Capital -research companies, investment advisers and fund of funds – to create a range of solutions for investors seeking to capture FX alpha.

CitiFX launches new platform for investors seeking currency alpha

And with new income-oriented products such as managed payout funds and

funds, thats exactly what appears to be occurring.

STRIVING TO HELP investors pull in higher retirement incomes, Putnam Investments has revamped its existing line of target date funds by integrating target

Crafting a better target date fund: Putnam Investments is first to mix absolute return strategies with traditional mutual funds

The driving principal that applies to todays economic environment is that

strategies are designed to achieve positive returns regardless of market direction.

Brinker Capital, a leading investment management firm, today announced the launch of its

Brinker Capital Launches Investment Industrys First Asset Allocation App; Available in Apples App Store, Android Market

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