Below are the fifteen largesthedge fundsin the world ranked by discretionaryassets under managementas of mid 2018. Only assets in private funds followinghedge fund strategiesare counted. Some of these managers also manage public funds and offer non-hedge fund strategies. For example,BlackRockis the largest investment manager in the world with around $6.4 trillion assets under management in all types of fundsandAQR Capital Managementis the largest provider of public mutual funds following hedge fund strategies with $112 billion in public and traditional hedge fund assets under management in addition to the $83 billion of private assets listed below.

The data for this table comes from Pensions & Investments with data compiled in the second quarter of 2018.4

Team, Trefis.BlackRocks Current Share Price Doesnt Capture Its Long-Term Growth Prospects.

The largest managers of hedge funds. Sep 17, 2018

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