have many years experience in the market related industries. This experience ranges from actual on the floor trading to experience with major brokerage firms in both futures and the commercial real estate industries. We know the start-up obstacles and hurdles faced when operating an Exempt Commodity Pool as well as the ongoing duties required, because we have actually been there.

Once you have established and funded your Exempt Commodity Pool your work is not finished. However, our Start-Up Kit provides you with tools to make your ongoing job a whole lot easier. We provide you with instructions, ledgers, forms and software-templates to dovetail and simplify your new ongoing accounting and reporting responsibilities. In addition, we provide you with limited backup support to help get you going with ease and confidence.

TheStart-Up Kitwas developed by experienced professionals for actual exempt pool operators .We have spent hundreds of additional hoursin tinkering, preparation, and attention to detail to package theStart-Up Kitfor you,so that you wont have to. We at MIRAMAR RESEARCH are proud to offer you this comprehensive and turnkeyExempt Commodity PoolStart-Up Kit.

Please shop around, and you will find you can pay a lot more and get a lot less. We encourage you to check your alternatives then go with the best available. I am highly confident that you will find theExempt Commodity PoolStart-Up KitfromMIRAMAR RESEARCHis the most comprehensive and cost effective alternative available to you today.

While trading risk is not eliminated – an exempt commodity pool is an excellent vehicle in which to conduct trading activity with limited funds. The Exempt Pool Operator/Trader, as well as the investor, can benefit from participation in an exempt commodity pool.

For the investor and the Pool manager the primary benefits of an Exempt Commodity Pool relate to fundamental money/risk management.

The typical investor /trader enters the futures markets with minimal funds $5,000 – $15,000. A typical move in many markets can be as much as $1,500 or more in a single day. This equates to a 10% to 50% drawdown potential (depending on account size) on just one trade. This drawdown and risk exposure can be devastating to the novice investor/trader as well as the more experienced trader.

Research shows that Professional CTAs managing millions in public and institutional funds prefer to reduce their risk per trade to as little as 1% to 3% or less of total equity . With the risk exposure per trade as high potentially as 10% to 50% on smaller account sizes, the odds are immediately stacked against the small commodity trader. This is why so many people lose in the markets, even with a sound trading system. Most experts agree that risk management is the number 1 priority in achieving superior trading performance.

By putting those same investor/trading funds into a $400,000 Exempt Commodity Pool, the depth of capital is much greater. More non-correlated trades can be entered into simultaneously. The investor not only benefits from average per trade risk reduction on a per dollar invested basis (as a percentage of total assets), but this reduction is further enhanced by the ability to diversify significantly into different markets and/or different strategies, ultimately smoothing total portfolio volatility . The list is long of traders who have had to walk away from potential success because of a lack of adequate capital to effectively trade a promising strategy.

Last but not least is the fact that the investor is alimited partnerand his/her liability is limited to the amount invested into the pool by he or she. We will show you how to structure your pool to attract more investors as well as how to receive IRA Funds into your pool.

The broker, as an exempt pool operator and general partner, has the ability to maintain an account with greater depth of capital, staying power, and chance for success. The broker becomes more involved with the performance (as measured against other benchmark indices) and as a result adapts a deeper sense of accountability and responsibility. The broker not only benefits as an exempt pool operator for the reasons stated above, but also benefits (for these same reasons) from individual clients operatingtheir ownexempt pool vs. a smaller individual trading account which is less likely to succeed.

We at Miramar Research firmly believe that an Exempt Commodity Pool is good for the investor, good for the trader, good for the clearing firm (fewer margin calls), and last but not least, good for the industry !

We have gone to great lengths to prepare a comprehensive Exempt Commodity Pool Start-Up Kit so that you can get your pool going immediately.

The Exempt Commodity Pool Start-Up Kit includes tools to help you in developing, promoting, and in the ongoing maintenance of your own Exempt Commodity Pool. These tools were created as a result of 100s of hours of hands on practical experience.

On the following page is a list of the contents of the actual Start-Up Kit. As you can see the purchase of the Start-Up Kit will enable you to get started on your Exempt Commodity Pool immediately. The only thing left is initiative and follow-through on your part.

If you would like information on how to proceed or have any questions please call:

Save $$$by ordering yourExempt Commodity PoolStart-Up Kittoday.

Please note: This material is provided for the purposes of a start-up kit only. Miramar Research does not provide Legal or Accounting advice, the Start-Up Kit is not intended nor does it purport to constitute Legal or Accounting advice. You should consult a competent Attorney before using the documents provided herein. This material is not to be construed as an offer to buy or sell any commodity as mentioned herein. The risk of substantial loss exist in trading futures and options . Trading futures and options are for people who can afford this risk. Additional information, risk disclosure, and appropriate due diligence is recommended to any potential participants.

Please note that in addition to Federal filing requirements, each State has their own State exempt securities registration requirements and Limited Partnership filings of required forms. Fees and requirements vary from State to State and are at the expense and responsibility of the Exempt Pool Operator.

Increased per trade risk management

Non correlation to traditional equity and fixed income markets

Potential for profits in rising and falling markets

Limited liability and risk for the limited partner

The Exempt Commodity Pool Start-Up Kit

Generic Limited Partnership and Subscription Agreements designed specifically for trading futures and options markets (special language qualifies for certain IRA funds) *

Generic brochure sample promotional 3 fold and template *

NFA/CFTC AND SEC filing requirements and appropriate forms for filing ***

Month-end and year-end duties and statement forms *

Auto-Calc Statement Generator (an Excel spreadsheet template) *

Miscellaneous generic letters for prospecting and follow up *

How to use IRA funds in your exempt commodity pool

* All marked items are provided on diskette in template form for custom editing as needed.

*** Please note that in addition to Federal filing requirements, each State has their own State exempt securities registration requirements and Limited Partnership filings of required forms. Fees and requirements vary from State to State and are at the expense and responsibility of the Exempt Pool Operator.

Single use – Registered Licensed User

The Exempt Commodity Pool Start-Up Kit – XCP-101

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Included – Auto Calc Exempt Commodity Pool Monthly Statement Generator

Auto-Calc General Ledger Worksheet and Statement Generator

Specifically designed for exempt commodity pools with up to 15 investors. More investors can easily be added for larger pools.

Simply provides month end calculations and statements at the touch of a few key strokes. Including initial NAVs for each investor upon entering the pool. Current NAV for each investor is marked to market on a month end basis. Also, includes YTD performance for each investor based on his/her initial NAV. Lastly, allows for performance fees for the fund trader/manager.

Upon receipt of your order, allow 5 working days for shipment from our office. All orders will be sent out via std. U.S. Book rate which should take approx. one week unless other arrangement are made such as the following.