The government increased prices on several basic commodities like bread and meat.

an exchangeable unit of, esp aprimaryproduct orrawmaterial

anythingboughtand sold; any article of commerce

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is an item that istradedon themarket, such aswheatgoldsilver, oil,coffee, orsugar.

The corporation provided $150 million to finance the exports of various

widely traded on exchanges around the world are agricultural products and raw materials such as oil and copper.

is an item that is traded on the market, such as wheat, gold, silver, oil, coffee, or sugar.

commodities when then buy and sell them. If they buy commodities from another country, they

them, and if they sell them to another country, they

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Suppliers are beingsqueezedby raw commodityand bysterling.

that theinevitablyfeedthrough toprices and commoditiesthat the costmightmove higherstill.

There isalsoincreasingforsoftcommodities in the use of.

It ischeapertoinvestin anexchangetraded commodity.

Theopportunitytopounceagaincameas the commodity.

Prices of basic commodities are risingmonthlyalong withdespair.

The company has profited indirectly from the global food and commodity boom.

Any basic commodity that is fuelintensivewillsuffersome form of priceinflation.

Someseethe commodities boom as abubblethat willsoonpop.

Publicconfidenceisfragileafter atorridyear that has seen asurgein the price of basic commodities.

Then when the laborerscompletetheproductionprocess, thecapitalistsells the commodities for more money.

Property and Prophets: The Evolution of Economic Institutions and Ideologies

Commodity products make up thebulkofsalessaida companyspokesman.

Thebankwillcontinueto tradefinancialproductslinkedto oil and gas,preciousmetals and some products thattrackcommoditiesindices.

Aand economic, as weakereconomiesuse less commodities.

dont charge forsaltbut in thepastit was such a precious commodity it was used as a form of trade.

For commodities traders, shipping lines andbanks, the costs have beenpunitive.

The miner and commodities traderembarkedon aplaninSeptemberto cut its $30billionofdebt.

You could, forexample, buy an exchange traded commodityfundthat tracks the price ofcorn.

A commodity is something that is not valued for what it is, but for what it may be exchanged for.

Thearm hasdeliveredstrong profitsgrowthinrecentyears bypushingboth itsclientsand its own capital into commodities and.

Inaddition, it ownsnumerousminesdirectly, but the company isbestknown as a commodities trader.

Otherwise,asidefrom buyingbullionitself, exchange traded commodities are the mostinto the precious metal.

The index is made up of agricultural commodities used to produceethanol, such as corn, sugar and wheat.

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the imagined perception of a pattern or meaning where it does not actually exist, as in considering the moon to have human features

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